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导读 : 昨天,我转贴了一首DonMarquis(1878-1937)的打油诗。我对他的作品发生了兴趣,就去查了一些资料,知道了这个人是一个幽默作家,上世纪20年代他的专栏非常走红。他最著名的作品,是模拟一只叫做archy的蟑螂写... [...]


昨天,我转贴了一首Don Marquis(1878-└1937)的打油诗。我对他的作品发生了兴趣,就去查了一些资料,知道了这个人是一个幽默作家,上世纪20年代他的专栏非常走红。


⊙ ▌ ▫ ┗ 早晨,我们提前进了屋子,发现一只巨大的蟑螂在打字机上跳跃。它没有看到我▣▤▥们,而我们则看着它。它费劲地在打字机的键盘上爬上爬下,用尽力气将全身压在一个字々母键上,然后向下一冲,它的重量和冲力刚好使这个机╪器工作,慢慢地一个字母接一个字母打了上去。它没法使用大写键,它极其费劲地操作机器,移动纸张,达到换行的目的。我们以前从未见过这么努力↑,或者说这么自由自在的蟑螂。在大约进行了1个小时这种困难得可怕的文学劳动以后,他筋疲力尽地跌落在地板*上Θ,我们看着它虚弱地爬进一个小巢,里面有大量的诗歌,

We came into our room earlier than usual in the morning, and discovered a ★gigantic cockroach juρmping about on the ㄨkeys. He did not see us, ❤☜and℡ we watched him. He would climb painfully upon the frame@work of the machine and cast himself w◇ith all his force upon a key, head downward, and his weight and the impact ⿹of the blow were just sбuff๑·ิ.·ั๑icient to operate the machine, one slow letter after another. He could not w◆ork the capital letters, and he had a great deal of difficulty operating the mechanism that shifts the paper so that a fresh lin⿳e may be started. We neⅠver saw a cockroach work so』 hard or perspire so freely in all oйur lives before. After ‖∠about an hour of this frightful▋ly difficult literary l▲abor he fell to the floor exhausted, Кan︴d we saw him creep feebly int⿸o a nest of the poemsΩ whic≯h ar●e always there in profusion.


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Congratulating ourself ╳that we had left a sheet of paper inΠ the §machine the night before so that all this work had not ︶︷︸been in v▬ain, we made an exaкmination, and 〥this is what we found:


expres۩sion is the need of my soul
i was once a vers libre bard
but i died and my soul went into the body of a cockroach
it has given me a new outlook upon life
i see things from the under side now╫
(rest of poem snipped)